Jeon, Saeil

He is the current president of the Integrated Medical Association, president of the Graduate School of Integrated Medicine at Cha University of Science, and head of Severance Rehabilitation Hospital.

Art therapy is in the spotlight because it touches, governs, and manages a wide range of areas such as cognition, emotion, emotion, interpersonal relationships, and social adaptation.
Art therapy in Arttei will be a great treatment program for families, therapists, teachers, and medical professionals.


Professor, Department of Psychiatry at a Psychiatric Hospital affiliated with Beijing Medical University, 北京大學附屬醫院精神衛生科

These days, the number of sick children and teenagers is increasing.
I hope these treatment programs will make your body and mind healthy.


  • Kim jihyun (A color therapist)

    It is good to help children improve their social stress and concentration through art therapy in various areas.
    The thickness and color of the pen are various, so it is easy for children to draw with interest.

  • Ko jiyoung (A professional child counselor)

    It's good that a child who is not confident in his passive personality and painting can express his mind comfortably and freely without being conscious of other people's eyes.

  • Yang dayoung (A high school teacher)

    It has the ability to switch back and forth, erase, and save, so you can check and modify your own paintings, especially the degree of changes in your paintings, which helps you improve your self-esteem.

  • Thom

    • Voice instruction was very efficient to have my attention.
    • Designs of characters and outlines were well-organized.
    • The contents were very instructive and useful.
    • If you are afraid to go to the hospital due to the Covid19, then please check in this app. You can use it anytime and anywhere.