ADHD Art Therapy

Why do ADHD children
Need Arttei

ADHD is one of the common diseases found on preschoolers and about 3~4 % of children are reported to have this disease.
Children with ADHD show impulsive behavior, lack self-discipline, and demonstrate hyperactivity.
They also have problems in coordination of fine motors, show learning disability, and emotionally unstable.

Due to short concentration time, Children with ADHD cannot focus on one task
and they easily get distracted even from slight stimulation.
Children with ADHD generally have problem in adapting to kindergarten
or school life as they walk around during the class or talk to other friends continuously.

ADHD Art Therapy
Application Usage Screen

Arttei ADHD
Art Therapy Effects

  • Recovering Human Relationship
    The program greatly helps in reconnecting with the world from maladjustment, enhances ability to express with hands through art therapy, and helps in recovering the relationship with others and overcoming maladjustment.
  • Concentrating Attention
    and Controlling Impulsiveness
    The art therapy enhances concentration and corrects hyperactivity.
    It also relieves the inner frustration to control impulsiveness.
  • Developing Cognitive Ability and Creativity
    The program also helps in clearing the concept toward case and object and make the cerebrum to have organized and systemic cognition.
    In the process of realistic expression on what they experienced in life or in nature, the children’s cognitive ability develops and creativity grows.