Enhances Social Adaptability

Arttei made by an art therapist.
Plays for Children & Powers for Mother.

Social adaptability helps the children to adapt their desires and behaviors focusing on the group,
break away from selfish attitude, and have desirable social attitude of bravery, patience,
sense of justice, leadership, law-abiding, and cooperation with others.
To relieve restrictions of group art activity in online platform, Arttei Art Therapy Program presents a fictional character.
The children can participate in art therapy with this fictional character and interact with the character.

Enhances Social Adaptability
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Arttei Enhances Social Adaptability
Art Therapy Effects

  • Social improvement
    Group art activity is effective for enhancing sociality as the group members naturally interact with each other during the act activity.
  • Promote positive imitation behavior
    As group members talk about their own drawing
    and experience and exchange opinions,
    they get a chance to exchange information,
    learn new things, and teach others.
    This promotes imitative behavior where children imitate
    different behavioral pattern, thoughts, and emotions.
  • Stable & lively atmosphere
    Group leader, such as parents or therapist, can encourage and help group members to share hopes. Also, group members think that everyone can experience as the same. As a result, the group gets sense of stability and creates active atmosphere.
  • Understand yourself right
    In the process of inducing on expressing events
    and feelings as they are, the group members are
    able to experience own emotion, thought,
    and value and understand themselves correctly.
    This also helps others to understand oneself.