Arttei Art Therapy

Arttei made by an art therapist.
Plays for Children & Powers for Mother.

Like a putting spell on mind, Arttei art therapy helps children to gradually
show their emotion and ultimately understand others.
Non-face-to-face art therapy through smart devices allows access anytime,
anywhere, so you can use it with confidence.

Arttei Art Therapy Introduction

  • Children can express as they are.

    Art is a visual language and it converts unconsciousness to consciousness
    to express the innermost feelings naturally.
    Children can express freely regardless of linguistic ability.
    The program also relives fear or defense.

  • Anyone can enjoy.

    Anyone can participate in the program easily regardless of artistic talent or age.
    Infants who cannot talk well, children with disability,
    or elderly with dementia can participate in the program.
    They can also feel the pleasure and happiness from creative activity in art.

  • Art therapy purifies painful emotion.

    Participants can feel catharsis from expressing the innermost feeling
    to others through art works.

  • The process of change can be observed by
            looking at art works from art therapy process.

    Art works have concrete outcome preserved over time.
    By examining the therapy process through art works,
    the participants look back on past and grow hopes.

Arttei Art Therapy Content

  • Draw along
    Arttei programs are created to reduce negative attitudes by increasing self-esteem of children with ADHD, and to promote the growth of positive self-concept and self-esteem. The aim of Arttei is to help children with behavioral problems by increasing concentration through visual and perceptual experiences through media by differentiating materials and drawing attention to the changes that occur as a result of therapy.
  • My star, my friend star
    Arttei programs are designed to increase the low
    self-esteem in children with ADHD and children who are
    accustomed to negative feedback. Our programs can boost
    self-esteem in them by turning negative self-image
    and thinking into positive thinking and seeing themselves
    in a positive way.
  • My own home
    Children with ADHD have low self-image and feelings of inferiority as they feel frustrated and bullied by their peers because they have a short attention spans and cannot manage their impulsivity.
    Therefore, an art therapy approach can improve levels of attention by having children maintain focus on a specific task. It also plays a role in purifying negative emotions through emotional expression by various tools.
  • Hands grow
    As a program that promotes reflection on inappropriate
    behaviors committed by children and formation of
    concepts for a positive future, behavioral therapeutic effects
    can be expected.