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Arttei made by art therapy specialist holds following strengths.
about arttei A. Children can express as they are.
Art is a visual language and it converts unconsciousness to consciousness to express the innermost feelings naturally. Children can express freely regardless of linguistic ability. The program also relives fear or defense.
about arttei B. Anyone can enjoy.
Anyone can participate in the program easily regardless of artistic talent or age. Infants who cannot talk well, children with disability, or elderly with dementia can participate in the program. They can also feel the pleasure and happiness from creative activity in art.
about arttei C. Art therapy purifies painful emotion.
Participants can feel catharsis from expressing the innermost feeling to others through art works.
about arttei D. The process of change can be observed by looking at art works from art therapy process.
Art works have concrete outcome preserved over time. By examining the therapy process through art works, the participants look back on past and grow hopes.
about arttei E. Arttei art therapy is provided with a smart device.
Arttei is a smart life program where children can get art therapy service by utilizing smart contents for art therapy through various devices at home without need to visit institutes such as hospital.